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Address: Camino a Vuelta de Obligado Lucio V. Mansilla Km 7.

San Pedro, Prov. Bs. As., Argentina.

Tel.: 011 2150 2585.



33º 39´ 10´´ SUR. 
59º 44´ 15´´ OESTE.


By Panamericana highway (Route 9) go right at Km 153 approx. where there is a sign saying San Pedro River Tala-station YPF and Argentine Automobile Club.
Following the same route they reach the bungalows.
Once you reach the town of San Pedro, a Shell with traffic lights, continue as they came 7 km further, towards Vuelta de Obligado on the right hand and a big sign that says Allotment cattails and posters of several complexes, including Aguaverde .


No GPS guided advise that takes them through dirt roads end.


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